January 2022 Newsletter

Ahoy lads and lasses,

I Hope you all had a restful and cheerful holiday season. It's a new year and I cannot wait to get started on some new projects. I am looking forward to another year of art and creativity!

'Tides of Change' at the Drawing Room
Gallery in San Francisco

When 2020 began, my New Year's resolution was to begin my journey into the world of art in bigger cities like San Francisco. Unfortunately, that dream was quickly put on hold by the Pandemic. 

Well, it's 2022 and that goal has landed back on my list. I am excited to announce I have my very first show of the year at The Drawing Room.

'Tides of Change' is a group show with over 50 Bay Area artists located in the heart of the Mission in San Francisco. Below is a brief description of artworks in the show.
'This exhibition hopes to expand on the impacts of environmental injustice and its reach and relation to our humanity, in regards to gender, race and geography, and urban and industrial development. Climate change is not only about the impact on humans, but their role in the problems and the solutions. Art can impress upon us and appeal to our senses in a way that data and graphs often fail to.'
Join me at the opening reception on January 29th, 2022 from 4 to 9 PM

A New Project

I began this sculpture of my father in February of 2020 after reaching out and getting to visit one of my sculpture heroes, John Soderberg. He generously allowed me to study with him for a week in his studio in Sedona, Arizona. I am happy to be working on this piece again and giving it new life. Although it started as a sculpture of my father, it is turning itself into more of a family portrait.

Follow me on Instagram for more in progress shots of this piece as it evolves. 

Archived Patreon Videos Release

After nearly 2 years on Patreon, I am so grateful to my team on there for supporting me through the good and the bad. 

I am happy to announce that I will be releasing some of my Patreon videos to the public! Going forward, my top tier Patreon subscribers will have an exclusive sneak peak at my videos before anyone else gets to view them. Click here to check out the first video I am releasing from the archives!

To become a Patreon supporter, please check out the tiers available on my page. It truly takes a village to support an artist! 
In this video I demonstrate how to begin carving in wax and showing you the tools I use to do so. The piece I am working on is the 'Corset Bouquet' that turned into 'Beauty is Pain' in early 2021.

Archived Patreon Videos Release

With Covid at an all time high, I hope you are staying happy and healthy in the new year. I look forward to seeing you at the opening reception at The Drawing Room Gallery in San Francisco. 


Courtney Renee Scruggs

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