April 2021 Newsletter

Ahoy lads and lasses!

As the 450 Artists show at Radius Gallery comes to a close, I am working on what's next and taking inventory. Although I sold her late last year, "Scylla" is still one of my favorite pieces I've made thus far and also a limited edition artwork. If you're interested in this piece, I am happy to work with you on payment plans or even a custom patina.
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Clearing Inventory Sale

I am cleaning house! There are several jewelry pieces in my inventory that didn't make the cut and need to make their way to a new home. These are all one-of-a-kind pieces so once they're gone, there will never be another like it. Check them out on the Whatknot Studios Store

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These two custom pieces are collaborations between clients and myself.

The one on the left is a sterling silver bracelet with red epoxy lettering that spells out NICRGFINF which stands for "Nights I Can't Remember, Good Friends I'll Never Forget".

On the right is a piece that is similar to a set I recently made except the interior wires are 14k gold and I added some pearls to it. I love the finished product and am so happy to work with gold again.

If you're interested in something similar or a variation of one of my pieces, please contact me.
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Until next time

With the state of the world as it is, I am excited for the prospect of getting a vaccine soon and get to start doing more in person shows and events. 

Thanks for checking in with me and keeping up to date.


Courtney Renee Scruggs

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