How do you create your sculptures?

Here is a poster that illustrates the process of casting in the lost wax ceramic shell method

Where do you cast your work?

All of our jewelry is cast in house from start to finish! Most jewelers send their work out to far away places to keep the cost down but our work is made here in Bonny Doon, CA.


Our sculptures are designed, molded and cast in wax in Bonny Doon and then taken to cast in bronze at the Bronze Works Foundry located in Santa Cruz, CA.


How did you get started in sculpture?

Well, that's a pretty funny story. If you want to know about how I got started in bronze, ask me in person at a show sometime and I'll tell you! But if we go back to the before bronze times....

I went to a public arts-magnet middle school (thank you, parents). I was a dancer and was on the dance team at that school. At my last year there I was able to take one extra curricular that wasn't dance related. It was an art class. The teacher was upset that I hadn't had the class earlier and said I had real potential. Art popped in and out of my life in ways I am only now understanding and when I graduated high school I decided that's what I wanted to do. And well, pending that funny story... now I'm here.


This was my very first sculpture in that class in 2003. 


Why is it so expensive?

That's actually a very good question! 

1. Each item is carefully and thoughtfully 100% made in the USA! Everything is made in our shop in Bonny Doon or at the Bronze Works in Santa Cruz and labor is expensive here because the cost of living is so high. That is a factor in the price.

2. The price of materials have gone up exponentially in the last few years. Unfortunately I have to pass that onto my customers.

3. Arguably the most important factor is when I create prices for my work, I literally punch the numbers into a spreadsheet of my material costs, time, and expenditures for costs outside of my shop. At the end of the day, this is a business. Each price reflects the minimum cost I have to sell the piece for in order to not loose money. If I made up prices or gave them at a discount like most artists, I would no longer be able to run my business and that would mean no more cool art from Whatknot Studios!


Do you offer private lessons?

Yes! Please contact Courtney directly to inquire about private and group lessons.


Do you do commissions?

We LOVE commission work! Please contact us directly to inquire about your dream project.